Grace Flores-Hughes’ journey from Taft, Texas to Washington, D.C. is essential reading for anyone interested in public service. Her four-decade career in the upper echelons of the federal government reveals not just the hurdles faced by Latinas but how they can be overcome. Throughout it all, Ms. Hughes keeps her sense of humor. Her story will both inspire and entertain; a winning combination.

Editor of LATINO Magazine

A Tale of Survival is a remarkable account of an era and a culture heretofore unknown to the general public. This book is a powerful inspiration to all readers that one truly can steer the ship of one’s own destiny regardless of all obstacles, both internal and external. One senses a great pride in Ms. Flores-Hughes for her people and a true desire to stand as a beacon of hope to those who are coming up behind her.

is an Hispanic actress, filmmaker, writer and Yale graduate.

A quintessential American story that examines life’s challenges and the seemingly insurmountable difficulties faced by Hispanic Americans in south Texas where discrimination and exclusion were the daily fare. This is an honest, gritty and engaging tale of survival that should be read by all.

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A Tale of Survival is a gripping, heart wrenching, no-holds barred story of a Mexican-American girl growing up in south Texas during the fifties and sixties and the challenges she faced on a daily basis simply to survive. It is a “page turner” that generates excitement and anticipation at every turn. This is a must read.

Vice-President, Latin Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company

This informative memoir is compelling reading that allows the reader to get a close insiders look into the world of Mexican-Americans and how they lived. It is also the story of how one bright young girl was able to rise above those humble and sometimes terrifying beginnings to reach her full potential as a person and as an American, working in the higher levels of the U.S. government.

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